Cross-border crime must be control

After 17 years a long gap prime minister of India Narendra Modi has accomplished his two days visit in August 2014 at Kathmandu. The late prime minister of India I.K Gural had visited Nepal In 1997. Government of Nepal granted ceremonial guard of honour was presented to Prime Minister Modi at the airport and Nepal army also saluted by 19-gun. During the Modi’s visit time there was really tight security in Kathmandu. Peoples believe Modi’s visit has helped to build trust between Nepal and India.  Before to Modi’ visit almost after 2 decades Indo-Nepal Joint commission meeting was also held 26th July 2014 on Saturday Kathmandu. External Affairs minister of India Sushma Swaraj and her counterpart minister of foreign affairs of Nepal Mahendra Bahadur Pandey chaired on joint commission meeting. Join commission meeting and Modi’s visit have been indicated Nepal is India’s top priority. The fact is that Modi’s government is giving top priority for Nepal which is needed to be fruitful on bilateral Indo-Nepal relation. After the joint commission meeting and three-day visit, Swaraj said to media her trip was very successful and results were more than expectations. In other hand her trip was related to prepare ground for the two day official visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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India and Nepal have open-border system, in the people-to-people relations amid the border residents of the countries in social, culture, economic and a variety of other fields have remained beyond compare in world account. Nepal always holds a high important place in the south Asia region not only on account of its body size and population, although we are located between the world’s two most heavily populated countries India and republic China. After the British tenet over the India in 1947, Nepal and India signed the treaty of peace and friendship in 1950 and both countries confirmed that the border between the two countries would remain open to the big advantage of the peoples of the two countries. Indo-Nepal border is geographically interlinked; even we have been unbreakable by religious, cultural and ethnic affinities between the inhabitants of border region.

Nepal and India have a historical relation and co-operation. However every point has its two aspects as every coin bears two faces. Similarly Indo-Nepal open border system has its positive and negative impacts for both the nations. But Nepal has experienced a large percentage of negative impacts and concerns in many cases, as compared to India. Nepal’s government agency has identified more than 18 types of crimes on border with India where as in more than 9 types of crimes international gangsters involved such as bomb blasts and transit of fake currency. The following crimes are major concern of Nepal.


Nepal’s Concerns

  1. Drug smuggling
  2. Girls trafficking
  3. Small arm trade
  4. Organised crime (abduction, homicide and extortion)

In Nepal civil war time Nepalese Maoist had taken advantage of open border system. As per Gorkhapatra Daily, 22 April 2002, local inhabitants of India believe that Maoist terrorists were taking shelter at Kauwapur, Bishanpur, Balarampur and Baharainch of India. In Asia girls trafficking is the biggest problem. Every year thousand – thousand Nepalese girls have been sold in the Indian brothels via open border. Criminals are importing Illegal arms and ammunitions like. Guns, fire arms, gun-powder, grenades and its raw –materials via open border. In many incidents Nepal has faced the problems that criminals crossing the border and taking refuge in India.

India’s concern

  1. Fake Indian currency smuggled through Nepalese territory.
  2. Terrorist activities

Since long time India has been blaming to Nepal that Pakistani ISI agents are infiltrating into India via Nepalese territory. India believes ISI is making transit point to Nepal for fake Indian currency and terrorist activities. But fact is that also Pakistanis must travel to India at first to come to Nepal, If the use the land route. Yasin Bhatkal and Abdul Krim Tunda were arrested on August 2013 from Indo-Nepal border. They were top terrorists involved in deadly terror attacked. On 24th December 2000 IC 814 Indian aircraft was highjacked from Tribhuwan International airport. Indian aircraft landed at Kandhar, Afganistan and the passengers were trapped for entire one week. In both scenario people realized that open border is the main cause. This above mentioned two incidents indicated that we must control open border by keeping historical bilateral relation.

Intelligence information sharing / security co-operation and border Management.

In contemporary scenario open border problems are increasing day by day. This need to be manages by both parties. New crimes are taking place in both sides. To be honestly open border has created so many problems and affecting social and economic aspects for both countries. Due to lack of effective instruction and authority local Nepalese inhabitants are suffering from Indian border security. To control cross-border crime both countries need to develop proper cross-border action plan. Noting can be done if only one nation is agreeable. Both nation need to understand most sensitive issues these days are the free movement of the illegal arms and ammunitions across the open border which is very dangerous.

Nepal has been seeking India’s cooperation in managing the border through several bilateral mechanisms. Nepalese intelligence and police always helps Indian security forces to control cross-border crime. To control cross-border crime both countries need follow joint meeting in top level, political high level visit, intelligence information sharing, Home secretary level meeting as per agreeable timetable. Intelligence information sharing centre, security co-operation team and border management office could be play vital function to control cross-border crime. General Nepalese peoples are feeling panicky and fearfulness due to current Indian border security inhuman activities. Both sides border security forces need to train international relation and border treat. To control terrorist and smuggler both parties intelligence agency should be upgrade in border area.

Published on Europe ko Nepalipatra, 16-22 Sep 2014

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